Are you looking for second hand office furniture near Redbridge in London? You are in the right spot. Kings office furniture offers highest quality used office furniture with 12 months warranty delivered and installed UK nationwide, at the best price on the market.

Why buy used office furniture in the first place?

The benefits of buying second hand office furniture are significant. First of all, cost savings. With used office furniture you can set up your office 70-80% cheaper than with brand new furniture (which will loose 20% of it's values as soon as it is installed in your office)

The second big benefit is availability. Stockists of used office furniture offer items that are already in stock, ready to be delivered. New furniture is often made to order, which increases lead times by weeks. In the current situation (as of early 2023) lead times on some items of new office furniture can reach months!

Another factor that businesses take advantage of in second hand office furniture is it's environmental impact. Buying second hand office furniture limits the pollution in two ways. First of all, as demand for furniture is satisfied, there is less new furniture produced, That saves resources and energy. Secondly, recirculating office furniture slows the generation of waste. If your business in Redbridge is committed to green policies, buying second hand office furniture can be a great move.

 How to buy used office furniture in Redbridge?

While you are already here, the simplest way is to order via our website. Just head to our used office furniture collection, see what you like.
  1. Add the desired office furniture to your cart.
  2. Proceed to the checkout page, but don't worry, you won't be asked to pay just yet!
  3. Fill in your details and complete the checkout process.
  4. Wait for the customer service team to contact you via phone to ask questions about your delivery requirements.
  5. Answer their questions regarding factors like parking arrangements, floor level, presence of a lift, amount of furniture, and delivery address.
  6. Receive a personalized price quote for delivery and installation from the customer service team.
  7. Decide whether to proceed with the order or cancel it.
  8. If you choose to proceed, pay for the items and the delivery cost, and enjoy your new office furniture!