Used office furniture

If your Newcastle office needs some furniture, you are in the right place. Click here to go straight to our current stock. Second hand office furniture is the best way to save money when setting up your office. You can get the best furniture models on the market for the price of the cheapest. We give one year warranty on everything we sell.

Used office chairs in Newcastle upon Tyne

There are three ways to go about buying office chairs: good quality and expensive, poor quality and cheap or good quality and cheap. The first option is to buy brand new chairs from a good brand. This will be as expensive as it gets, but in result you will get the best chairs there are. The second option is to buy brand new unbranded chairs. This can render somewhat good result at a reasonable price. Cheap chairs usually last considerably shorter than high-end chairs with warranty usually at 1 year.
Then there is the third option, second hand office chairs. This option gives you access to the best office chairs on the market at the cheapest price. With 12 months warranty you get the same level of assurance as brand new budget office chairs, but you get the actual use value of the top-end branded office chairs. And you will get a chair that was built to last. We do not sell just any used office chair that lands on our hands. We carefully select, clean and refurbish chairs that have life in them and only sell them if we know they will last. Take a look at our selection of second hand office chairs to find the best bargain on the market.


Used office desks in Newcastle

Do you need office desks for your office in Newcastle? Why pay premium price if you can get exactly the same result for much cheaper? Second hand office desks we sell are usually indistinguishable from brand new and cost much less. Check out our collection of used office desks to see the latest stock. We supply bench desks, curved desks, height adjustable desks, cantilever desks and flip-top desks, all second hand in very good condition.

Second hand office storage

No office can operate smoothly without office storage. Stationery, computer accessories, documents and personal items all need their place. We supply second hand office storage to meet all your needs without overspending. We stock large amounts of office pedestals (both under desk and desk height), office cupboards, bookcases, lockers and filing cabinets.



Second hand designer office chairs

Sometimes we might stock some second hand designer pieces of office furniture. Such items usually cost many thousands of pounds new. We always have them at discounted prices, so if this is something you are looking for, please check out this section.