Used office furniture in Kingston upon Hull

Do your Kingston upon Hull premises need office furniture? Whether your office is near Hull City Centre, Drypool or Wincolmlee, we can supply and install second hand office furniture for you.

Used office furniture is a great solution for any business who want to save money without compromising furniture quality. Buying second hand office furniture can be up to 80% cheaper than buying brand new. And we give 12 months warranty on everything we sell, so you can be sure, you are getting a really good product.

Additionally, when you choose used office furniture, you actively prevent manufacturing of excess new office furniture and you delay the generation of waste. That saves air, water and land pollution - on top of saving your money. How great is that?

Used office desks

 Used office desks are a great alternative to new. As an experienced dealer we make sure al desks we sell are in great condition. In most cases, unless you look really closely, it is not possible to tell the difference between a brand new desks and second hand office desks we sell. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is a 12 months warranty included in our desks. Choose your new used office desks here.

Second hand office chairs in Hull

Treat yourself and your employees to some high-quality, top-notch comfort office chairs without breaking the bank. Now you can furnish you Hull office with the best chairs on the market for very little. We carefully select, clean and refurbish all office chairs we sell. This is to ensure you get the fully functional, long lasting product. We give 12 months warranty on every second-hand product we sell. We stock some of the best models of office chairs on the market. To name just a few, we usually have stock of second hand Herman Miller Aeron and Mirra, Steelcase Reply, Orangebox DO and Girflex G64. Check out our current stocks of used office chairs.



Used office storage furniture

 If you run an office, you probably know whether and what kind of office storage you need. All we can say is, there is little to no reason to overspend on such a banal and boring thing as office storage. You can save up to 80% by choosing second hand over brand new. Our used pedestals, filing cabinets, cupboards and bookcases will give you exactly the same use value for a fraction of the cost. Browse our used office storage range to see current stock levels.

Second hand designer office chairs

 Every now and then we come by some designer office furniture. These items are usually quite expensive, even second hand. Their price on our store is still just a fraction of their price brand new. Check our second hand designer office chairs section often, as these products move fast!