As an entrepreneur, your business needs to run as practical as conceivable particularly when thinking about buying assets. Regardless of whether you're the entrepreneur, organization regulator or office chief, you will know it is so difficult to purchase great, quality office furniture at a sensible cost. This is the reason an ever increasing number of individuals are going to second-hand office furniture to set aside cash while outfitting their workplaces.


What are the Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture?

  • Cost Effective – Used furniture is cheaper than brand new furniture. There is a lot of used furniture out there that looks just like new. Perhaps an office in your local area is looking to make some money on their old office furniture? Or you have seen people trying to get rid of their old home furniture that you think may look great in the office? Either way, these are great opportunities to make your office look great for less!
  • Eco-Friendly – The more used furniture that gets recycled and reused the less that is going into landfills. Most of the largest landfills we have will be filled in less than 10 years. As we are filling these up, we are forced to make more, resulting in our planet filling up with more and more rubbish. Help our planet stay healthier for longer, by lowering our carbon footprint and consider used furniture instead of buying brand new.
  • You Receive It Quicker –  All our used office furniture is in stock and ready to go so unlike when buying new there is no manufacturing lead time as its all in our warehouse ready to go.


How do you find the Best Bargains in Used Furniture?

The best way of finding the best quality used office furniture is to visit our site or contact us to arrange a viewing.

When buying used office furniture from Kings Office Furniture  we have a huge range of stock and only buy in large quantities to ensure their is plenty of used matching pieces to meet your business needs.

What to Consider When Buying Used Furniture

So, you think you’ve found your perfect piece of furniture? It’s a great price and will go great in your office. Consider these points before handing over the money:

  • Check It Over – Check the furniture over to ensure that all parts of it are in good working order. For example, desks are checked for stability, all leg end caps and feet are in place, all drawers are running smoothly. All desk chairs are checked for rips and tears and wear to the fabric and all mechanisms are in full working order. All filing cabinets are checked for smooth running drawers. These checks happen before they leave our warehouse and get delivered to you. We are so confident with the quality of our used office furniture we are happy to accept payment after delivery so that you can ensure the quality  yourself.
  • Cleanliness – All furniture at Kings Office Furniture must pass our rigorous standard checks to ensure it is fit for resale to our customers new and old. We do have a team of experts on site who are skilled in refurbishing office furniture to the highest standards.
  • Could it be Refurbished? – Some office furniture will be beyond repair. Kings Office Furniture do not stock furniture that we would not have in our own offices. We have built up a reputation over many years that we strive to maintain in terms of quality and service.

There are lot of benefits to second hand furniture. Saving money and being part of helping the environment to name but a few. It could also inspire you to get a bit creative! If you own a small business this could be a great team building activity! No matter what your reasons may be, used office furniture is a great alternative choice for a fantastic looking office at a reasonable price.

To view our full range of office furniture please visit our online shop or contact us to arrange a viewing.