Whether it's your home office or an actual office, furnishing one can be a costly endeavour. It is often possible to make the it more cost effective with some simple tricks. Here is one.
Buying an used office desk might be a great way to acquire a desk cheap, without compromising on quality. Office furniture is built differently to home furniture as it is meant to last much longer and much with heavier workload. If you can get a good deal on an used office desk, then that might be the last desk you ever buy for your home. These days furniture is mainly made of laminated chipboard, so for example a standard for home furniture is 18mm board, while commercially used office furniture is by standard made of 25mm chipboard. A quality office desk comes at a price. Usually commercially purposed furniture is 2x-5x more expensive than it's home counterpart. This makes buying a brand new office desk completely unprofitable. A used office desk brings all the benefits of commercial office furniture, but is much cheaper. Most used office furniture comes from companies that liquidate their offices, so quite often their furniture still hasn't even run out of it's manufacturer warranty period. That means, you can often get a desk in 'like new' condition at a small percent of the price. Buying office furniture that is used is a viable way to save funds. On top of that, when you are making a decision to buy a second hand desk, you are making a decision to help the environment.

This is where Kings Office Furniture comes into the picture. We offer top quality used commercial office furniture online at a fraction of it's retail price when new. We are very careful when choosing our stock, so we are always sure the furniture we sell is going to serve our customers for many more years. We always have a large stock of office desks for sale. This is why we are very popular with new companies and startups, who need good furniture for their offices, but can't afford to spend a lot.
We can help you furnish any size office. We've furnished as small as a single workstation and as large as 250 workstations. We use our own team & fleet for delivery, so we also offer a full installation service. To find out the cost of our service it is best to contact us on the phone on 0845 521 9070 or 02080 926 205