Kings Office Furniture have been supplying used office furniture since we started in 1999. There are many benefits to buying used office furniture from quality reputable supplier like ourselves. We offer huge range of a* quality second-hand furniture at affordable prices to our clients. In this post we are sharing our top tips to buying used office furniture.


As a business owner, your business needs to run as cost effective as possible especially when considering purchases. Whether you’re the business owner, company controller or office manager, you will know and appreciate how hard it is to buy good, quality office furniture for a reasonable price. This is why more and more people are turning to us when furnishing their offices.



If you’re considering purchasing used office furniture, make your decision rewarding rather than regrettable by following these five tips:


  • Check It Over – Check the furniture over to ensure that all parts of it are in good working order. For example, desks are checked for stability, all leg end caps and feet are in place, all drawers are running smoothly. All desk chairs are checked for rips and tears and wear to the fabric and all mechanisms are in full working order. All filing cabinets are checked for smooth running drawers. We supply to clients across the country and understand its not always possible to view the furniture in person before ordering. We provide photos and in depth description of each piece of used office furniture on our website, and we are happy to send short videos on request. At Kings Office Furniture we also don’t require payment until delivery is made.


  • Cleanliness – Check that all office furniture is cleaned and where necessary heavy-duty stains are removed. Ensure that office chairs are cleaned with a professional cleaning machine and will be cleaned prior to delivery. If you are picking this item up yourself, ascertain where the furniture has been kept and if possible, check that environment. At Kings this is standard procedure but if you where buying elsewhere it may not be. Furniture only leaves our warehouse if we would be happy to have it our own office.


  • Pricing and Value for Money – Like most things, you get what you pay for. When looking for quality furniture, you are not necessarily looking for the cheapest price but the best value for money. Paying the cheapest price, may result in furniture that you have to replace far sooner than you wanted to or furniture that is so uncomfortable that your employees find any reason not to use it! Identifying how much furniture you need and the budget that you have in mind, will give you a good idea of the styles and quality that will be in your price range. The team at Kings can help you maximise your budget and get you the quality you need for you and your team.




What are the Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture?


  • Cost Effective – Used furniture is cheaper than brand new furniture. There is a lot of used furniture out there that looks just like new.


  • Eco-Friendly – The more used furniture that gets recycled and reused the less that is going into landfill. Most of the largest landfills we have will be filled in less than 10 years. As we are filling these up, we are forced to make more, resulting in our planet filling up with more and more rubbish. Help our planet stay healthier for longer, by lowering our carbon footprint and consider used furniture instead of buying brand new.


  • You Receive It Quicker – When buying new office furniture, it may result in waiting for it to be delivered for weeks because it’s either not in stock or you’re waiting for it to be delivered to you. When buying second hand furniture you can either walk away with it the same day or not too long after.


There are lot of benefits to second hand furniture. Saving money and being part of helping the environment to name but a few. No matter what your reasons may be, used office furniture is a great alternative choice for a fantastic looking office at a reasonable price.