Kings Office Furniture is the leading supplier of used office furniture. We have been sourcing high quality used office chairs for many years. In this post, we will be looking at the best type of chairs for staff members who have back complaints. We will be reviewing the different types of office chair their use and how they may help.

We are not DR’s so this post is a recommendation and you should always seek the advice of a medical professional.


Firstly, let’s look at the three different types of office chair functionality that we offer that can be great for bad backs.

Used Orthopaedic Chairs an orthopedic chair aids in reducing back pain by being adjustable to meet your body dimensions. When you are purchasing an orthopedic used office chair you should ensure that it has the following features. In our experience, these features are a must for your chair to be fully adjustable to your body dimensions.

  • Organically Rounded Back Support
  • Flexible Back Elevation
  • Seat Slide Modification

At the point of writing this article (18/10/2020), we have two great quality orthopedic chairs available in two price brackets.

The Summit T991ADJ Tiverton Fully Adjustable Chair these chairs are available for fast delivery and come with all the above adjustable options, so this makes it a great orthopedic chair at £199.00 + Vat.

Pledge TAS Chair with Inflatable Back Lumber is set at a lower price but still hits all the points you need for an orthopedic chair and more this chair is priced at £109.00 + Vat.

High Back Chairs are great for maintaining a good posture while working consistent hours at a desk.  They are designed to naturally fit the curve of your spine while supporting it with thick padded back or air mesh desk for extra comfort. Choosing between a mesh back or thick padded back comes down to personal preference as both allow the backs to mold while supporting your spine and posture improving your comfort when dealing with a bad back at the workplace.

We currently have two high back chairs available in our used office chair range.

New Black Leather Executive Chair – This chair comes with a high back to support your spine and promote positive posture while seated along with fixed armrests and height adjustable positioning. Priced at £109.00 + Vat.

Used Techo Sidiz T50 Black Mesh Task Chair – This chair is a high mesh back perfect for adding posture support. It also has adjustable arms and sliding seat so that you can match your chair to your exact needs. These chairs are £159.00 + Vat per chair and great value for money.

Having back tilt in your office chair allows you to adjust your lumbar support allows you to move the support of your chair to be adjusted in line with your spine and the angle you require for maximum comfort while working but not removing the increased support that the backrest provides.

Used Senator Fuse Task Chair – This used office chair has many adjustable options but uniquely it has a back tilt for a chair in the price range. This mesh back chair is available for a £119.00 + Vat a great chair in its price range packed with lots of features to make your back pain more bearable.

Used Black Herman Miller Mirra Full Spec – This chair like all used Herman Miller chairs we stock are in exceptional quality and provide you with lots of design features and adjustments to create maximum comfort paired with style for the user. You can purchase this chair from £295.00 + Vat we have a large quantity in stock.


So far in this post, we have looked at different types of office chairs that we offer at present that have properties that are attractive to employers or employees who suffer from a bad back. We have provided you with three types of functionality and shown a high-end option and medium priced used office chair so that you can understand the differences between the two price brackets and what you are getting for your additional spend. Next, let’s look at how much you should be spending on an office chair.

How much should you be spending on used office chairs in your office?

There is no strict rule on how much you should spend per office chair. We understand that refitting an office can be expensive and buying new and quality office chairs is not in everyone’s budget. At Kings Office Furniture we source and stock a complete range of used office chairs to meet your needs and budget.

What impacts a chairs price?

Durability & Quality – Although a higher price does not always mean quality. We price our used chairs based on years of experience and knowledge within the office furniture industry. Our goal is to provide you with quality second-hand office furniture at affordable prices with quality and durability at the forefront.

Adjustability – Another factor that we have covered in detail in this post are the different adjustments available. The greater amount of adjustment and features of a chair will affect the price.

Visual Appearance – Visual appearance although personal preference if a chair is well designed and visually appearing in line with office trends this can also have an impact in the price.

You can view our range of used office chairs by clicking here. We have a huge range of stock changing daily so if you can’t see exactly what you are looking for give us a call on 0845 521 9070