Used office desks are a great way make savings on furnishing your offices

Furnishing a new office can be a costly endeavor. Desks, chairs, office storage's and meeting furniture prices include many factors. The main of them are materials and energy used for manufacturing. On top of that, there is a freight cost. Some furniture is branded by well-marketed brands, which increases the cost even further.

When buying used office desks, the cost structure is much different. The furniture has already been manufactured. The only energy expense in dealing with used office furniture is transport. That means substantial savings can be made by buying second-hand pieces for your office.


How much can I save?

Typically the price of used office desks is about 50% or less of the new desks. Is this a good deal? Let's see.

Commercially used office desks in the UK are usually made of 25mm MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) desktops. Compared to standard home desks, this is a much thicker and heavier component. The same goes for desk legs. Except for panel-end furniture, desk legs are commonly made out of powder-coated steel. Those features give office desks an outstanding lifespan. Many times office furniture lasts many more years than the business that initially bought it new.
This makes office furniture a long-lasting asset that can be reused.
Not only you can buy your office furniture cheaper, but on many occasions, you might even sell it again after you no longer need it.

Are there any other benefits of buying used office desks?

Apart from obvious savings, there are at least a few good reasons to buy used office furniture.

Lead time is one.

These days, getting anything ordered from any manufacturer is a long wait game.  Due to the Covid pandemic many businesses slowed down, reduced their crew, or even shut completely. This caused massive delays in many supply chains. In many cases, lead times have gone up from weeks to months. This is not the case with used office furniture. Since there is no manufacturing involved, our supply chain is much shorter, therefore not prone to delays. Kings Office Furniture can deliver and install your office furniture within days.

Environment friendly

Re-using office furniture is a great way to help the climate crisis.
Since the product has already been made and served its lifetime, the overall carbon footprint is cut in half! This might seem like a tiny save of CO2 emissions but these numbers add up with each furniture piece. In over two decades of our business operation, our customers saved a total of nearly 45 thousand tonnes of CO2.
That's a lot of CO2, saved one re-used office desk at a time.

Kings Office Furniture offers a wide range of used office furniture, including second-hand chairs, desks, office storage, meeting, and boardroom furniture. We specialise in refurbishing used Herman Miller chairs including Aerons and Mirras. Please give us a ring on 0845 521 9070 or 02080 926 205 and we will help you with the best deal on used office furniture.