Every minor detail matters when it comes to business operation. From the product itself and its quality to your company`s logo – everything matters. And of course, a successful business is impossible if you and your employees don`t have a comfortable, safe and fully functional workspace. You might have noticed that recently enterprises pay more attention to refurbished, pre-owned furniture rather than buying new office setup.

Office furniture is one of the most vivid and diverse branches of the whole furnishing industry. It develops according to its laws and principles. Office furnishing has to consider and fulfill the demand and requirements from such seemingly contrary fields as interior design, legal regulations, healthcare and business etiquette.

On this background, the fact that businesses have recently addressed the market of refurbished office chairs and used office desks seems like a novelty or a trend dictated mainly by the necessity to save money and optimize budgets after the global pandemic of COVID-19 that has touched almost all industries.

However, once you take a closer look at the matter, the trend of buying reconditioned office chairs and overall second0-hand office setup looks like an entirely justified and most rational solution.

In this article, we have collected some facts about office furnishing that you might not have considered before letting you take a different perspective on refurbished office desks and chairs and, maybe, benefit from this promising trend.


Things you might not know about your office furniture.

While your home couch or bed may have some sentimental or aesthetic meaning for you, hardly would you look the same at a plain office desk or chair. We consider their quality, comfort and safety – purely practical features, and hardly ever think about the influence of office furniture on our lives or its impact on the company`s success.

However, there are several things you might want to know about office furnishing.


The role of office furniture in your life

According to recent research, an average office worker spends about 90.000 hours at the workplace throughout their whole career. During the same period of life, you would spend about 100.000 hours in bed and only 450 hours on your living room couch.

In other words, the furniture that you might have considered least significant than a bed or a favourite sofa plays a huge role in your life. Its safety and comfort determine in many ways productivity during the workday and how you will feel after it. So, technically, the office furniture you buy for your company is essential for your employees` overall life quality.

From this point, refurbished office chairs or used office desks appear more efficient than the new setup. By buying them, you are guaranteed that previous owners have already eliminated all the factory pitfalls. Moreover, such furniture pieces are often adjusted and enhanced not just according to safety standards but also field practice and common sense. Unlike designers and retailers, previous owners knew precisely how you would use your refurbished executive desk, where to place storage solutions and how to adjust handles so they would be most comfortable.


The efficiency of your office furniture

You might have never thought about what part office furniture plays in the efficiency of your company`s operation. Here are only several factors:

  • The cost of office furniture and its maintenance is at least 10% of a company`s annual budget;
  • Over 70% of office workers claim that the quality of office furniture plays a vital role in their motivation and engagement in the work process;
  • More than 40% of businesses claimed that they had to reduce or terminate operation at least once due to lack of office furnishing or delivery mishaps.

Used office desks and chairs become the most efficient and straightforward solution to numerous operation issues:

  • They are cost-efficient. It helps you save company`s budget, get more equipment or purchase advanced office chairs and desks from famous and reliable brands;
  • Buying used office furniture significantly shortens the delivery time;
  • The market of reconditioned office chairs and second-hand office desks is so vivid that you may easily find a setup that will be functionally and aesthetically captivating for you and your employees.


Office furniture plays a vital role in our life. Providing a background for efficient operation, it helps businesses develop, compete, and establish themselves on the market. Buying used office furniture is a trend that allows numerous companies worldwide to optimize their budgets, save time and effort getting the most out of their office setup.