When looking for a new office chair, Herman Miller is always the #1 name in search results, reviews and recommendations. This brand is famous for its original ergonomic designs, high-quality materials and innovative solutions. 

Soon enough, you realise that "high quality" initially means "expensive" on the office furniture market. But is it wise to invest so much money into an office chair?

Herman Miller Aeron in home office environmnet

A Herman Miller office chair is an investment in your success.

An average office worker spends about 6,5 hours sitting behind their desk. Surprisingly, those numbers have increased since more and more people chose teleworking due to the late quarantine restrictions. Experts say that when we work from home, we often forget to "take a five", don't feel the urge to break the routine and take a walk to the coffee machine from time to time.

As a result, you may spend up to 75% of your waking hours sitting behind the desk during a workday. With this kind of lifestyle, muscle strain, backaches, overall discomfort, and other office workers` "professional trauma" are almost inevitable by the end of the day. 

Those symptoms often lead to fatigue, migraines and some pretty severe chronic conditions of the spine and joints. Those mean more sick days and lower efficiency at work, which are bad for you and the business.

That is why investment in a high-quality office chair is actually an investment into your future, your professional success and your insurance against long-term health issues.

It is the main argument you will hear asking why Herman Miller office chairs might be pretty costly, but they are worth it. 

However, there are lots of other brands on the market today that also offer ergonomic office chairs and promise you incomparable comfort, reliability and safety. So what Makes Herman Miller the "Rolls Royce" of office chairs?

In this article, we shall analyse what makes Herman Miller office chairs favourably different from other seemingly analogue products, why is it such a promising investment into your business and how you can save money enjoying all the benefits of the #1 office furniture brand.

Meeting room furnished with Herman Miller Aeron chairs

What is so special about Herman Miller office chairs?

Of course, any brand will claim that their office chairs are the most comfortable, safest and best on the market. And they will probably pay influencers and bloggers to say the same on their pages and reviews.

That is why we shall take a look only at the objective arguments for Herman Miller office chairs that are supported by independent research and actual data.

  • Herman Miller chairs last longer. When a brand gives a specific product warranty, it definitely counts on the fact that consumers will have to use it as little as possible since the costs of warranty service lie on the brand. At the same time, an office chair is a piece of furniture that has to take on the highest impact during the day. That is why you will hardly ever see a warranty over 5 years on the office chair market. Herman Miller provides a 12-year warranty on their chairs and even a lifetime warranty on specific mechanisms. The brand would already go bankrupt if these chairs did not last that long without a single repair. This enormous warranty is not a "marketing move" but solid proof of quality.
  • Research-based designs. Unlike most other brands that create new models based on current trends in interior design, Herman Miller is a brand that puts some sufficient time and money into science-driven research and long-term testing before releasing every new product on the market. Since the mid-60s, the company has been investigating "the impact of office furniture on the environment at the workplace and every employee's efficiency." Herman Miller also conducted several studies to see how an office chair may improve or aggravate productivity in different work environments including home offices. Their most popular models, Aeron and Mirra, were designed and developed based on these studies.
  • One chair – endless options. The main distinctive feature of Herman Miller's ergonomic office chairs is that they are entirely adjustable. You can raise, lower and change the angle of every critical part of the chair achieving maximum comfort and support for your body during the workday. Your conditions and situation may change with time; you may lose and gain weight, get traumatised and need additional support for your spine or wrist, etc. Your Herman Miller chair will always come to your aid, keeping you safe and comfortable in any situation. For the same reason, it is very easy to sell your pre-owned Herman Miller office chair as the new owner knows they will be able to readjust it quickly.
  • A valuable business asset. Every piece of furniture or equipment you buy for the business becomes an asset. The value of every asset depends on two main factors: its market price and liquidity (how easy it is to sell it afterwards). From this point, a Herman Miller office chair is one of the most valuable business assets you can get for your company. Aeron and Mirra models are the most demanded office furniture pieces on the second-hand market due to the brand's crystal-clear reputation and positive reviews from office employees, gamers, and other types of buyers.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chair on white background


How to save money on your Herman Miller chair?

Even considering all the arguments listed above, many people still remain pretty reluctant towards the idea of spending over £1100 on an office chair. However, there are several ways to ensure your investment and even save money when you decide to get a Herman Miller office chair.

  • Beware of knock-offs. Searching for the best prices on Herman Miller chairs, you may sometimes find offers that seem too good to be true. And most probably they are! Like many fashion and design giants, Herman Miller became one of the most copied brands in the office furniture market. Some counterfeit items may even contain several original details from pre-owned Herman Miller chairs. However, it does not make them original Mirras and Aerons, and they will not have the same characteristics or extended warranty. At the same time, these knock-offs are more expensive than even new items from cheaper brands. To avoid wasting your time and money, make sure you buy from a reputable seller who guarantees every item's authenticity and proves it.
  • Buy second-hand Herman Miller chairs. Herman Miller gives a 12-yer warranty for every office chair. At the same time, statistically, the average lifespan of office chairs in one place is no more than 7 years. Companies go out of business; entrepreneurs change their positions; businesses go through rebranding and change their setups. That is how Herman Miller chairs get on the second-hand furniture market, allowing you to enjoy their legendary comfort and benefits for a fraction of the original price.

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