They say that every business starts with a bright idea. And the office of any business starts with a desk. And an office chair, of course. 

Whether you are planning to spend your whole day in the office and receive visitors or the business will mostly take place in customer's territory, your company will need a gravity point - an office. And every office will need furnishing.

Buying second hand office chairs in London seems like a natural choice for startups and small businesses with restricted budgets. Indeed, it is a great way to save money and redirect funds at vital things such as product development, marketing, etc.

However, more and more London businesses, including successful law firms from Midtown and fintech companies based in The City, prefer buying used office chairs and other furniture for their offices today.

"Used" is not "meant for those who don't have money for new" anymore. The concept of buying second hand office chairs in London has become viral in the business community and gained new meanings.

In this article, we shall discuss what kinds of businesses prefer buying used office chairs in London today and how do they benefit from it.

Why buy used office chairs in London?

The idea of buying used office furniture might seem natural in remote areas and closed communities where it is easier to buy from a neighbour than to take the hassle of travelling to a big city for a new chair or desk.

So why do Londoners, who have access to endless inventories and shopping options, prefer to buy second hand items today?

In fact, there are several reasons for that:

  • Saving money – while the world has been struck by a number of global economic crises in a row and the broadcast still remains pretty vague, the British business community learned to set priorities and cut corners. Buying used office chairs and another furniture is the most obvious way to optimize your company's business;
  • Supporting locals – buying used chairs from local sellers is a way to support your local community, help fellow entrepreneurs overcome possible difficulties and a chance to get a brilliant deal on slightly-used high-quality items;
  • Going green – environmental awareness is a crucial reputation factor in modern business communities. Buying used office chairs in London is a brilliant way to promote recycling and zero-waste solutions in one of the most ecologically challenging cities in the world.

In other words, the idea of buying used office chairs in London is not entirely about saving money anymore. It has gained a powerful socio-economic meaning and therefore got accepted by all layers of London's business community.

Which businesses buy used second hand office chairs?

We shall not name certain brand names or even niches in this part. Let's just go over the priorities and goals of the London business that would prefer to buy used office chairs. That way, you can easily see whether this idea fits your company.

Businesses that see furniture as a business asset.

Every detail matters when you establish a business, and every item you buy for it, from a pencil to a computer, is an investment into the company's success.

By buying used office chairs in London, a business gets a chance to establish a high-quality workplace set up at the same budget they would need for new items from mass-market brands. 

The difference is that after several years your high-end items will still be valuable and can be resold again, while "off-the-shelf" chairs will probably lose marketable condition.

Businesses that value time.

Building an office setup, you often have to be patient. It may take from several days to a couple of weeks from the moment you make an order till the day the furniture is delivered and installed in your office.

By buying second hand office chairs in London, you may receive and start using your items the very same day, eliminating inconvenience and delays at work.

Businesses that care about their image and reputation.

Today's customers are much more environmentally aware and look for ways to be more conscious and sustainable in their purchases and decisions. They expect the same from the brands they buy from.

Companies that find and promote eco-friendly and zero-waste solutions in their products and everyday logistics gain extra points in the modern market as a "healthier" alternative to competitors.

Going green is a powerful reputational move and buying second hand office chairs in London is one of the ways to do so. The furniture industry and especially office furniture items are the main contributors to deforestation and pollution. By buying used office chairs, you prevent those items from ending up in a landfill and save a lot of resources and energy needed for the production of new items.

Used office chairs are more than just a budget-friendly solution for beginners in the modern business world. It is a trend in business logistics that in many ways changes the way modern companies work and affect local communities and the world around them.

There is no particular class of business that preferred second hand office chairs today, but there are certain benefits that it brings, and it is only up to you whether to seize those opportunities.