Until recent times the idea of buying second-hand office furniture, equipment or any other items has been surrounded by certain stigmas and prejudice. However, it is pretty ironic how second-hand furniture might seem like an unorthodox solution for an office, while most of us have bought a second-hand car at least once in a lifetime.

So how did it happen that some things are naturally granted the right to a second life while others are deprived of it? In this article, we decided to take a closer look at the most common myths and stigmas about second-hand office furniture and debunk them, pointing all the benefits of pre-owned office furniture for your business.


Myth #1 – Second-hand office furniture won’t last

It is the most common misconception, which is entirely wrong. The second-hand office furniture you are about to buy is made precisely out of the same materials as the new items. Once you buy pre-owned office furniture from a credible, reputable dealer, he will guarantee that each item went through a comprehensive condition check before it got to the display.

It means that unlike with new office furniture, you get exactly what you see – items that have been tested, checked and fully adjusted. Moreover, by buying used office furniture, you get a chance to squeeze into your budget items from high-end, reputable brands famous for the durability of their furniture, quality materials and steady constructions.

Pre-owned furniture that gets on the market is built exactly to last and is ready to serve you for as long as you need it.


Myth #2 – Pre-owned office furniture won’t save you any money as it costs the same

Most people think that if a piece of furniture is durable and remains in good condition once it gets to the second-hand market, the prices for such items won’t differ much from the price tags of new office chairs or desks.

It is not entirely true. The idea is that by buying second-hand office furniture, you may afford items from top brands that appear to be too expensive for your business. It means that you are getting higher quality, durability and comfort of luxurious items for almost the price of mass-market office furniture. In other words, you may get a bunch of mediocre new office furnishing or select high-quality items that will be stylish, comfortable and safe.

In the first case, you will have to change and replace office furniture more often due to worse quality or discomfort. So which variant seems like a waste of money now?


Myth #3 – A company that buys used office furniture cannot count on a solid reputation

The most common stigma about used items is that people and businesses who buy them simply cannot afford new products. Many business owners believe that as soon as investors, business partners or customers find out that a company buys second-hand office furniture, they won’t see it as a credible establishment anymore.

However, this belief is entirely outdated. Used office furniture has a recognized environmental benefit:

  • It preserves natural resources used for the manufacture of new items;
  • It diminishes pollution and emissions from manufacture and transportation;
  • Using and repurposing second-hand furniture, businesses raise awareness about the importance of recycling and the personal environmental responsibility of each establishment.

That is why the modern business world sees using second-hand office furniture as one of the most powerful reputation management tool. Such detail in a company’s bio will allow it to declare itself a green and sustainable business, which is a crucial factor for numerous customers and investors.


Myth #4 – Second-hand office furniture market is strictly limited

This statement is fundamentally wrong! On the contrary, the market of pre-owned office furniture offers a much wider choice of options, models and colour palettes.

Once you shop for new furniture, your choice is strictly limited by the current collection or season. Inventory of second-hand office furniture dealers is vast and unites items of all imaginable styles and configurations. In the market of used office furniture, you can find numerous mix and match options without restrictions of a certain brand or inventory of one shop only.

Even if the items you found don’t seem 100% perfect and matching, used office furniture is as customizable as the new one. From fabrics, finishes and handles to the height of cabinets and functional details – you can change and adjust everything until you get a set of office furniture perfect for your business.


Used office furniture won’t just help you save time, money and effort on the workplace interior. It will discover your limitless choice and customization office and help your business earn the reputation of a sustainable, environmentally-friendly establishment.