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The Internet is full of rankings of office chairs. Some are genuine, some are pure advertisement, it's hard to know. Various websites have various motivation to create lists like this. Our ranking is based purely on our sales numbers. Without further ado, lets crack straight into it. The most popular second hand office chairs are:

5. Giroflex G64 around £150 used (£500 new)

g64 used office chair

Giroflex is the company that has been producing chairs for 150 years. In 1919 they released the first swivel office chair. They know their chairs and customers around the world appreciate that. The manufacturer boasts chairs durability stemming from high precision manufacturing process. We can attest that. Throughout our years in the business the G64 has matched the popularity of chairs 2-3 times more expensive. Main features:

  • BS 5459-2: (2000) Compliant - Up to 200kg user with up to 24 hours use
    3D arms
  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Backrest Height Adjustment
  • Seat and Back Inclination
  • Seat Slide (Seat Depth)
  • Tension Control
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

4. Steelcase Reply around £140 used (£600 new)

steelcase reply used office chair

Reply offers a classic design with either fabric or mesh backrest (Reply Air).

The chair has proven it's worth over the years. The manufacturer gives 12 years warranty on the chair, which is a very good sign, as in reality it often means a chair will last very long (usually much longer than the warranty). This chair is also appreciated for it's unassuming ergonomics. The lumbar support is praised as well the mesh backrest. When bough new, the Reply has a wide range of cosmetic customisations, so sometimes we have some really funky configurations on them. Chairs features:

  • Gas height adjustment.
  • Back tilt with tension control.
  • Adjustable back lumber.
  • Seat slide to adjust seat depth.
  • 3 way height adjustable arms.

3. Orangebox DO around £150 used (£400 new)

orangebox do used office chair

The Orangebox Do is a high quality UK manufactured product. Users love the simplicity of use, as the chair was designed with intuitive controls in mind. It also has an automatic body-weight tension adjustment. We've sold thousands of thouse chairs and not one was returned to us, despite the 12 month warranty on all second hand items we sell. It's a very good all-round chair which we recommend for any business. Orangebox  Do benefits from the following features:

  • Height Adjustable Gas lift
  • Height Adjustable 3D Arms
  • Back Tilt and Lock
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

2. Herman Miller Mirra around £275 used (£1000 new)

herman miller mirra secodn hand office chair

Mirra is one of the best chairs on the market. It's main, distinct feature is a backrest which adjusts to the users back. Herman Miller designed this chair to give as much freedom to the user as possible, without infringing on comfort. Mirra is the top-end chair, even though it is cheaper than the Aeron. It is the second most popular office chair we sell, and probably also the second most popular chair amongst blue chip companies, which we source these chairs from. The Mirra can be customised when ordered from manufacturer, so these chairs come with various features, but a full spec Mirra includes:

  • Height Adjustable Seat
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • 3D Adjustable Arms
  • Flexi Front Seat
  • Back Tilt and Lock
  • Tension Control

1. Herman Miller Aeron around £500 used (£1100 new)

herman miller aeron refurbished office chair

The famous Aeron is considered the best office chair in the world. It's brand new price tag looks scary, but on our end of the business, it is the best seller. Aeron is a comfortable, durable and impressive looking piece of office furniture. It's due to Aerons durability what makes this chair such a popular second hand office chair. Everyone likes a good investment and if an office chair can be considered an investment, this is the chair to invest in. Check if we have any Aerons in stock now. A fully loaded used Herman Miller Aeron packs the following features:

  • Height Adjustable Seat
  • Posture Fit Lumbar Support
  • Back Tilt and Lock with Tension Control
  • Forward Tilt
  • Height Adjustable 3D Arms


These were the most popular used office chairs we sell. Of course not everyone likes them, we sell thousands of other office chairs as well. To buy the chairs listed above or any other used office chairs please go to our second hand office chairs collection.

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